The Moroccan American Network considers 2 Moroccan Cities :

Building Bridges between the USA and Africa Morocco;
Laayoune and Dakhla as a doorway

Unlocking Digital Transformation through enhancing innovation and embracing new technologies is now the key for small and medium enterprises to thrive again since we are living in a digital world during the age of disruption in the post COVID-19 era.

While Digital trade provides new opportunities for individuals and firms of all sizes, it also arises new challenges.

Therefore, this panel is expected to examine how digital technologies are transforming economy by opening new markets, goods and services, and discusses some of the concerns that emerged in parallel concerning privacy, market concentration, the impact on productivity and the digital divide.

The speakers also will discuss how data challenges involved in measuring the value of digital transactions and digital trade. Main purpose of our dialogues between all stakeholders from Morocco especially the regions of Laayoune Sakia- Al Hamara and Dakhla Wad-Eddahab and from us to make digital trade more inclusive for all explore the possibilities of fueling the acceleration of American investments in the regions of laayoune and dakhla.

Moreover, our keynotes speakers will tackle some vital issues related business digital transformation in order to open perspectives for innovation and modern digital business and trade in front of small and medium entrepreneurs from the USA to explore the regions of Dakhla and Laayoune and get them opened to the world markets through effective business digital transformation. the two regions are main focus of our activities this year since they represent one of the most promising strategic areas for investment in North Africa.

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