Mohamed El Gharass

Mohamed El Gharass

Mohamed El Gharass

41 years old
Married and father of two kids

Since January 2018, Secretary of State in Charge of Vocational Training

Since November 2018: President of Benmansour Commune (Kenitra Province).


2017-2018: Secretary General Ad-Interim at the Ministry of Youth and Sports

2014-2018: Director of Youth, Children and Women Affairs at the Ministry of Youth and Sports

Projects carried out:

– Director of the event “Fes, Capital of Youth of the OIC, 2017.

Director of the event “Rabat, Capital of Arab Youth, 2016.

Director of the project “ reinforcing micro-entrepreneurship for vulnerable youth working in the informal sector“ in cooperation with the World Bank

Director of the 6th session of the Euro-Arab Youth Forum

Director of the National Program of summer camps

Director of the National Women Festival

2013-2014: Director of Human Resources at the Ministry of Youth and Sports

The Agency for the Development of the Bouregreg Valley

2010- 2013: Director of the Bouregreg Institute

2008-2010: Director of the Bouregreg Marina

2006-2008: Responsible for the social follow up Directorate at the Bouregreg Agency

Deposit and Management Fund (CDG)

2004-2006: Responsible for Cooperation

National Democratic Institute

2003: Program Coordinator in charge of Political Parties in Morocco and Iraq

FC Com Group

2002: Public Relations Manager

Al Alkhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco

2001-2002 : Communication and Development Officer

Brasseries Company Morocco

1999-2000: Regional Business Manager, Rabat and North-West Region, Morocco

Academic Training

2005: Master in International Commerce and Economic Cooperation from Kyung Hee
University, Suwon, Republic of Korea

1999: Bavhlor degree in Business Administration, majoring in Management and

minoring in International Commerce, Al Akhawayn University in Ifran, Morocco

Other academic Training

2017: Advanced Project Management Certificate from Stanford University, California USA

(En line degree).

2008: International players in public finance and debt management, United Nations Institute
for Training and Research (en line degree)

2005: Oil Economy from the International Cooperation Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2003: Management and Resolution of Conflicts, Labanese Conflict Resolution Network, Rabat, Morocco

2001: Universities Management: Management and partnerships, George Washington University, USA

1999: Negotiation and Communication, Training organized by Harvard University and Peres Center for Peace Al Cala de Henres Universidad, Madrid, Spain

Political Activity

Member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Mouvement Party

President of the International Relations Committee within the Party