The Moroccan American Network will host the Sixth Edition of “Morocco Day” in The DMV Area, USA

From January 17 to January 19-2021.

The Event’s Theme for 2021:


Moving Forward & Celebrating Martin Luther King: I HAVE A DREAM!

The conference will focus on:

  1. Education
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Technology, Innovation and Heath Care

The Moroccan American Network in Washington D.C. will host the sixth edition of “Morocco Day” from January 17 to 19,2021 under the theme of “Moving Forward and Celebrating Martin Luther King (I Have a Dream/A Message of Hope)

Choosing Martin Luther King as a theme aims to showcase hope, strategize, mobilize, and encourage the Moroccan/ African American Community to move forward post COVID-19.

The event will exceptionally take place online: Virtual and Hybrid Live streaming conferences with professors, academia, digital and innovation professionals, and Moroccan American Entrepreneurs.

The event represents an annual opportunity and a kick start for the Moroccan American Network to celebrate Morocco in the city of Alexandria, Virginia and Washington DC

July 25 has become the official date celebrating Morocco in Alexandria annually following the recognition of Alexandria’s Mayor, Justin Wilson. The event also earned recognition in Washington, D.C., which claimed March 29 as its official date of observance. Morocco Day is an occasion to celebrate the depth of the historical relationship that binds the Kingdom of Morocco to the United States of America and celebrates the Moroccan American Journey in USA.

The Morocco Day program:

  • Day 1

The Morocco Day will open on January 17 live virtual conference to discuss education, innovation and entrepreneurship with experts from Morocco and North America. The presenters work in the fields of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. (More details later)

  • Day 2

January 18 will host several specialists, researchers, and media professionals discussing the “depth” of some Moroccan American success stories in the USA.

The experts will also focus on the chances of enhancing the relations between Morocco and the USA as we are moving forward and overcoming this crisis and the different aftermaths of the Pandemic.

Focus and attention will be given to the Moroccan American community here in the US. We are expecting the participation of several Moroccan entrepreneurs residing in US and Morocco.

These entrepreneurs operate within the sectors of technology, tourism, Education, innovation and Entrepreneurship. The discussion will be around the negative impact and repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on their businesses and how to move forward with some well-thought recovery and exit strategies

  • Day 3

The Organizers reserved the final day to celebrate MLK and his messages of hope.

Inviting a distinguished panel of scholars from the African- American community along with some Moroccans to reflect, discuss and share tips and strategies. (more details later)