CEO Summit 2019

The Moroccan American Network presents its fourth Business Forum-CEO Summit, focusing on small business opportunities, from the U.S. to Africa, during the official “Morocco Day” on March 29, 2019 at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, D.C. “Morocco Day” was established by the Proclamation of Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser on March 29, 2018, following a formal resolution by the thirteen-member DC Council. The Moroccan American Network celebrates the official Morocco Day for the first time in 2019 with this special conference of American business executives and a Moroccan government delegation from the City of Zagora, which is in the southeast of Morocco. The Morocco delegation will include Mohamed El Gharrass, State Secretary to the Minister of National Education for Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research; Abderrahim Chahid, President of Provincial Council of Zagora; Hmad Ayt Baha, Member of Parliament and President of the rural Commune; and Mohammed Elansari, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Daraa-Tafilalt region. Establishing “Morocco Day” in Washington, D.C. is just the “first step in a long and ambitious journey to strengthen Morocco’s position in the United States of America,” according to Mohamed El Hajjam, CEO of AV Actions Inc. and President of the Moroccan American Network. The neighboring city of Alexandria, one of the oldest cities in the U.S., also officially recognized June 9 as “Morocco Day” each year. El Hajjam says that the Moroccan American Network has a twelve-year strategy to celebrate Morocco Day by recognizing one of the Morocco’s twelve regions each year. “The summit is designed to expand opportunities for conducting business in Africa, and we are honored to have the City of Zagora, Morocco as a guest of honor, representing Morocco’s Eighth Region,” he said. “Specifically, we want to highlight opportunities for greater collaboration and exchange of ideas, promoting foreign investment and economic growth.” “The summit will also recognize women and youth leaders for their contributions to the Moroccan-American community,” said American attorney and MAN Strategic Advisor Elisabeth Myers. Establishing every March 29 as “Morocco Day” in the Nation’s Capital, and every June 9 in Alexandria, is especially symbolic, reflecting recognition by lawmakers and American citizens of Morocco’s stature as a prosperous and stable country with a long-standing relationship with the United States.
“Morocco Day is an opportunity to explore economic, cultural, and educational exchange opportunities that
are mutually beneficial for the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America,” said Antoine Battle,
CEO of Diplomatic Communications and former U.S. Delegate to Morocco (U.S. Department of State’s
Professional Fellows Program).
Morocco was the very first country in the world to recognize the independence of the United States of
America in 1777. From that original treaty providing safe harbor for American ships in Morocco, to the
latest Proclamations nearly 250 years later welcoming Moroccans in two key US cities, the bonds of
friendship have only strengthened.
The official recognition of Morocco Day in two large U.S. cities is the result of a multi-year initiative by
senior members of the Moroccan American Network, including former American government officials,
lobbyists, lawyers, activists, and journalists.
The CEO Summit will be attended by members of Congress, DC Government, the Congressional Black
Caucus, the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce, think tank experts, academics, and business leaders.
The conference is presented by the Moroccan American Network, and sponsored by AV Actions Inc., HBSC
Bank, and the DC Office of Cable TV, Film, Music and Entertainment, along with several media partners and
other strategic partners.
The Willard InterContinental Hotel, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.
Friday, March 29, 2019, 11am – 5pm
Space is limited and advance registration is
* * *
The Moroccan American Network is a network of senior individuals dedicated to creating opportunities for
small business in the US, Morocco, and Africa. Through dialogue, forums, and events, the Network serves
as a platform to educate the American public, U.S. media, and U.S. government officials about business and
investment opportunities, as well as the history and culture of North Africa, and to connect the Moroccan,
American, Moroccan-American, African-American, and African small business and media communities.
The Network sponsors delegation visits and exchange trips between the U.S. and Morocco and engages in
partnerships, including memoranda of understanding, solidifying relationships among sister cities,
universities, and think tanks. Our team consists principally of American and Moroccan-American advocates
and lobbyists, lawyers, journalists, media and PR professionals and filmmakers, and think tank experts with
100+ combined years of experience on Capitol Hill and in international lobbying, national and local media,
law and diplomacy, think tanks, and cutting-edge technology.
AV Actions, Inc. is a premier, award-winning communications, event-staging, and AV company specializing
in light and sound, based in Alexandria, Virginia.