The Moroccan American Network considers 2 Moroccan Cities :

Building Bridges between the USA and Africa Morocco;
Laayoune and Dakhla as a doorway.

Unlocking Digital Transformation through enhancing innovation and embracing new technologies is now the key for small and medium enterprises to thrive again since we are living in a digital world during the age of disruption in the post COVID-19 era.

While Digital trade provides new opportunities for individuals and firms of all sizes, it also arises new challenges.

About Us

The Moroccan American Network is a network of senior individuals dedicated to creating opportunities for small business in the US, Morocco, and Africa. Through dialogue, forums, and events, the Network serves as a platform to educate the American public, U.S. media, and U.S. government officials about business and investment opportunities, as well as the history and culture of North Africa, and to connect the Moroccan, American, Moroccan-American, African-American, and African small business and media communities.

Our Mission

  • Creating Business partnership between MOROCCO, USA, AFRICA.
  • Provide a platform for information sharing, exchange of ideas, knowledge creation and dissemination,
  • The specific objectives of the Network are …

Our Stakeholders

  • Reach out to all stakeholders and economic actors (public and private sectors, non-state actors, media, etc.) for coordinated interventions;
  • Facilitate the development of media and public engagement training programs…


Our Event Partners

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