AV Actions, Transatlantic consulting and Blue Horizon Communication in collaboration with the Moroccan American Network are organizing Morocco Day from19 to the 25st of July every year in Alexandria city Virginia and Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the mayor of Alexandria Virginia Mr. Justin Wilson have passed a resolutions to consider this date the official Morocco Day in the district of Columbia and the city of Alexandria Virginia.

Both the district of Columbia and the city of Alexandria Virginia are to celebrate the Moroccan culture and history, displaying the originality of the kingdom, its heritage, and contributions to the world. In addition, the event will be an opportunity to show case investment opportunities in all the regions of the country.

Each year, Morocco Day will highlight one region of the country, this year Laayoune and Dakhla are the honorary guests cities of Morocco Day 2021.

One of the main goals of the event is to encourage bilateral collaboration between American and Moroccan businesses, especially small and medium enterprises.

To achieve this, a business forum will be part of the event. In it, business leaders will share their best tips, advice , and ways to encourage and increase business cooperation between companies on both sides of the Atlantic.


Furthermore, this business forum will serve as a platform to encourage dialogue between the two nations that enjoy the longest peace treaty in the history of the United States (from 1777 to the present.)

The event will be attended by the Moroccan-American community in the D.C. area, in addition to public officials, business leaders, media personalities, and community leaders from different backgrounds.

The festivities will also see the participation of different musical genres from the region, a myriad of dishes showcasing the gastronomical heritage of the Moroccan Sahara, a pageant competition exhibiting traditional Moroccan arts of clothing, a show of original Moroccan handcrafts, and multiple panel discussions on topics ranging from business opportunities to the specificities of this area of Morocco.